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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Giant Victories

Today is an historic day. I actually accomplished everything I set out to accomplish. This has never happened to me before. Seriously.

Usually, it's because I get overzealous and unrealistic about what is actually physically possible for a mere mortal like myself. I'll start out with a short, achievable list. But, as often happens in this house, there is so much to be done that my daily to-do list becomes a list of everything that needs to be done. And no way is there ever enough time in a scant 24 hours for all that.

So today, my goals included: going to Home Depot to pick up Bruce's hardwood floor cleaner and squeegee materials, weeding our front flower bed, cleaning up our back flower beds, getting all the weed vines off our back fence and cleaning the exterior windows alongside our driveway.

Despite the fact I had to go to Lowe's to actually get the Bruce's, I did everything I wanted to do. Yeah for me! And a big thanks to my mother-in-law for coming over and keeping an eye on our little man. She even started addressing our birth announcements for me, something I've had to put off while getting ready to have guests over for Ian's baptism.

So as far as feel-good days go, this was a rare 5-star-er. Let's hope the trend continues tomorrow...


  • At 11:40 AM, Blogger divaqueen said…

    Congratulations woman! That seems to be a lot of work for one day. I don't know if I could do all that. You rock!


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