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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Back In The Saddle

Before I got married, I learned how to do things for myself. Considering I didn't tie the knot until I was 34, it seemed like there would be no knight riding by to help me fix the garbage disposal, hang pictures, etc. So I was always figuring out one thing or another.

Plus, back when I lived in Atlanta, my roommate, Mary, was a do-it-yourselfer, so she gave me even more reason to help myself. And this mindset was pretty well in place right up to my wedding day. But the second that ring went on my finger, I went on fix-it-up-strike.

I mean, that's what my loving husband was for, right? Well, not always.

Stubborn as I am, I've been in denial, still thinking that because I'm a wife, it's my God-given right to have my husband fix every leak, lift every heavy object and hammer every nail.

After three years of wedded bliss, I've come to the realization that it ain't necessarily so. So after a week of hemming and hawing, I've finally taken one matter into my own hand.

Thanks to the Great Drought of '07, our house has experienced dramatic settling, causing our front door to become askew. There is a plan in place to get the front of the house jacked up and return everything to its proper place, but in the mean time, I wanted a little extra security.

The estimate I got for installing a chain lock was $141 - are you f'ing kidding me? The lock itself was under $5. Screw that rip off. So I dusted off my utility belt, grabbed my drill and got to work. Yay for me. Hopefully, this is the restart of something beautiful. But Rick, keep that shining armor handy.


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