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Monday, September 24, 2007

Better Late Than Pregnant

Especially when you're just getting out your baby's birth announcement almost three months after the precious little one was born. People get busy. Your life isn't your own anymore. Time gets away from you. I can forgive all that.

The problem I have with myself in this particular situation is that I had the envelopes and stamps a month ago, we rushed to have the things printed at about the same time (without proofing, so there are two typos in there which is quite embarrassing in my line of work), and my mother-in-law was kind enough to address the marjority of them for us.

Could the way this task was handled stem from my fear of success/fear of failure?

Yes and no. (Give me a break, I'm a Libra.)

A lot of the addresses were wrong because I was using a list from our wedding three years ago and my handwriting and editing notes were difficult to decipher, so a decent amount of envelopes had to be changed. And I had some new names to add to the list and addresses to acquire.

Plus, we ordered only so many pictures from his hospital shot. Many fruitless attempts at making additional copies took time, albeit yielding no results. And today I finally had to do some hard picking and choosing of who got a picture, who didn't, and whose was only wallet size.

I can only hope I do better with Ian's three months picture. At this rate, they'll be in the mail by the time he enters kindergarten.


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