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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Themes Rule!

I love me a good theme, just like I love me some matchy-matchiness. I guess that's why I enjoyed planning our wedding so much. We picked a theme – Las Vegas – and went with it.

And that's what my friend, Kristen, did for her daughter's first birthday. Not the Vegas thing, though it would be fun to be that unconventional for your kid's birthday. I'll have to bear that in mind when Ian turns one next June...

Anyway, for Alyssa's festivities, fun in the sun was the theme of the day since the party was of the pool persuasion. And the thread that held it all together was flip flops.

It all started with a flip flop invitation she found on vistaprint.com. As far as I remember (I had a Bacardi Mojito – yum! – and it doesn't take much to get me buzzed these days), there were flip flop napkins, flip flop plates and the most adorable (and delicious) flip flop cookies. Too cute!

Kristen went all out and had little gift bags for all the kids in attendance, so Ian got his first pair of shades along with some treats to eat (which Mom enjoyed since he still doesn't have teeth), party favors and an adorable picture of his bud, Alyssa.

Way to go, Kristen. You have definitely set the bar high and believe me, I've already started planning. Viva las birthdays!


  • At 11:22 PM, Blogger kristen said…

    Hey! I just saw your nice post about Alyssa's party! Thanks for the kudos. I read your post about Ian's baptism and related to it quite well! Considering that I didn't start any of her party planning until 1 week prior (not recommended), I'm still shocked how well things came together.

    Same thing happened to me w/ the cookies - I was looking online for cake deco ideas and happened upon these flip flop cookies and HAD TO HAVE THEM. Here's where I found them: http://www.brightideas.com/summer/family/f_1426_1.jsp

  • At 11:27 PM, Blogger kristen said…

    Hmmm, for some reason the website cut off in my comment.... let's see if this works:



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