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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Just Like Old Times

Today, I started a drawing class at a local art school as part of their continuing education program. It really took me back to the last time I took a real class, over 16 years ago when I was in college. This morning, I was running late, I lost control of my supplies while crossing the street (i.e. dropped them all over the road), and I was the last one in the door. So everyone gave me the stare-down and the teacher greeted me with a, “ You must be Maureen.” Nice.

I didn’t pick up my supplies until 2 days ago. The place I went to didn’t have exactly what I needed, so I had to settle. I didn’t go down to the basement to dust off my drawing board (from college) until last night, and didn’t realize I was missing a crucial element – the rubber band that holds everything on it. Thus the street dump.

Just goes to prove my disorganization has been with me a long time. Back in college, I was generally ill prepared. I never got to any classes on time, exam day or not. And I generally never had everything I needed. Comforting to know some things never change.


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