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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Small Victories

You’d think with 3 weeks to get things done, this would be the world’s longest post. Fear not. It’s me we’re talking about here. However, I feel okay about what I’ve accomplished and I believe I’ve found that not making out a to-do list actually works in my favor.

Since we last discussed, I have:
• actually started posting again! Hooray for me!
• caught up with a friend I hadn’t talked with in months or even told I was pregnant yet
• picked up another baby outfit for my friend Angie’s new baby that hopefully will get in the mail before he outgrows this one, too
• made a home cooked meal tonight for the first time in a while
• went through the last of the Good Will boxes and dropped them off
• had one fabulously motivated night of cleaning during the past week
• tried strawberries with balsamic vinegar for the first time, something I’ve been wanting to do
• went through the fridge and got rid of a lot of the old stuff
• took out some stuff to defrost for future meals this week (usually I forget)
• finally dumped out the old mop water so I could actually mop again (haven’t gotten that far yet)
• vacuumed the upstairs
• ironed all the clothes that needed it and put them away
• started administering kitty Prozac to attack kitty Jake. Unfortunately, had to promptly stop this because after the first night of it going down easy, it has since turned into a crazy foaming at the mouth situation no matter what I try (ice cream, milk, shoving it down his throat, hiding it in treats or soft food. If you have any tips I could try, I’m all ears. As funny as the foaming can be to watch, he’s still psycho, which isn’t funny).

That’s all I’ve got because one of the things I was hoping to do – keep an ongoing list of accomplishments as I went along – has yet to happen. And my memory ain’t for crap lately.

Hope you’ve been productive and are getting in the mood for spring cleaning. I still have plans to keep you apprised of my iVillage adventures, but it won’t start for a few days. So be patient, grasshoppers. Good clean comes to those who wait.


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