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Monday, February 19, 2007

Small Victories

Good grief. Three weeks in and I’m already ready to dump this “column.” I thought it would be inspirational insofar as get me to actually produce a few small victories every week. Mostly, it just reminds me of all the stuff I didn’t do.

For instance, about three weeks ago, I bought probably about 15 Valentine’s Day cards for various family members and friends, including one friend whose birthday is on Valentine’s Day. Let’s just say I have quite the jump on next year.

I took pictures last Saturday of the disaster that is my house. I was hoping to be able to show some progress as the hours went by. A week later, not much to show for it, but don’t worry, you’ll see it anyway.

And the list goes on. But I don’t want to give up just yet. So I’ll list the few things I did accomplish this week:

• Changed our sheets. Looks like I’m back on track again in this department – 3 weeks is not the usual, as we experienced of late. That’s like college guy dorm. Yuck. So I’m back on my weekly schedule.

• Finished ironing that huge pile of clothes on the bed in the guest room.

• Did more laundry (trying not to think about the new pile of ironing I’ll have, though I can rest assured it will be much smaller than the last batch).

• Instead of mailing out Valentine’s cards (since I printed a bunch with a typo in it – not too impressive for a writer), I emailed one I made on ecards-gallery.com. Kind of fun and easy, which is a good thing since they only let you send it to 10 people at a time. As far as I could tell, there was no way to save my creation, so I had to keep remaking it.

• Thanks to downloading Firefox, I can now create links in this blog. Woo-hoo!

• Thanks to my husband, Rick, I have finally linked up a few friends and favorite web sites. Woo-hoo again.

• Speaking of my darling, Rick cleaned our entire downstairs, including mopping and/or Murphy’s Oil Soaping the floors yesterday. No small feat.

• Made a much-needed massage appointment, though it won’t be as relaxing as I’d planned since I fell down our basement stairs a few hours ago and the cat attacked me as I lay on the ground. Needless to say, rough night and sore leg. Not to mention the stress of worry something happened to the baby. After a trip to the emergency room, I’m happy to report all is well. Though I still feel like I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

• Fixed my new warming blanket so it’s facing the right way and I even plugged it in. It was actually fired up, warming my bed until I had to shut it off before we left for the ER.

• Signed up for a Costco membership, something I’ve been meaning to do for several weeks. Made the switch from Sam’s basically as a moral issue. It’s certainly not one of convenience or price…

• Went to Dinner’s Ready with a friend, so I now have a freezer full or dinners I can make at a moment’s (well, close to it) notice without having to use too much brainpower.

Gee, now that I wrote it all out, I did more than I thought. I’m feeling better already.


  • At 3:02 PM, Blogger Cara said…

    You did accomplish a lot! good job. And your e-card was cute.


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