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Friday, November 30, 2007

I Almost Forgot!

So I'm going through what is now about 1018 emails, and I got one from America's Test Kitchen. It's either a weekly, bi-weekly (I never know if that's the right term or not) or monthly email from the wonderful folks who bring me Cooks Illustrated.

As I'm scanning the topics, the one titled 'How to Grate Ginger' reminds me I never told you guys about my very successful Indian feast I prepared back in October. And how I wanted to tell you that you'll need a lot more ginger than you think - so don't get a small one – and that trying to grate it is like grating a marshmallow, I'd imagine.

So on many levels, this article is timely. It includes the Chicken Masala recipe I was going to have to reenter from the magazine, and there's a handy video that tells you all about a nifty gadget I must now make my own called a...you guessed it, ginger grater. Go figure. They really do make everything, don't they?

Now the video says you can just as successfully use a microplane or the little holes on your mutli-sided grater box, but I tried both and I'm here to tell you – not so easy. But perhaps it can be blamed on the tiny piece of ginger I thought would be big enough. So I'm willing to give them another try.

Meanwhile, if you like Masala, give this recipe a try. It was a big hit, and I didn't have the recommended dutch oven to cook it in. I also made Aloo Phujia, Indian Chickpeas and Basmati rice to go with it. Enjoy!


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