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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Open Up A Can Of Elbow Grease

I spent a large part of my Sunday afternoon and into the evening cleaning our upstairs bathroom. If you've seen our bathroom, you're probably wondering how it's possible. It's not very big. Standard tub, toilet and single vanity. If you're Wilt Chamberlain, you could probably stretch out your arms and touch the walls on either side.

The reason it took me so long is because I really cleaned it. Emptied and wiped down drawers, went through make up containers and threw out stuff I don't use any more or have had since college, dusted the tops of doors and cabinets, washed down the walls – all of them (I've been wanting - and needing - to do this for over a year, at least. Where does all that gradeu come from anyway?), scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees, washed the rugs, cleaned all the built up dust out of the vent. In addition to all the usual stuff, of course, like cleaning the toilet, sink and tub.

Overall, I did a pretty darned thorough job. And not that you would, but you could probably eat in there if you wanted to, it's that clean.

Side Note: Hopefully, you are smarter than me, but in case you're not, here's a friendly piece of advice. When using Tilex or some other harsh chemical in your bathtub, spray the shower head last, not first. I think I got third degree burns on my head when it dripped on me as I was spraying other parts of the shower. Duh.


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