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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fourth Time's the Charm

Well, yesterday we probably hit an all-time low as far as progress goes in our kitchen remodel. Which is saying something considering Murphy's Law is in full effect here at Chez Meaux and that for every step forward we make, we take four steps back.

I am not making this up. Yesterday, we owned 4 different cabinets to use above our stove. Oddly enough, we only made 2 trips to IKEA, only because between cabinets 3 and 4, we never left the store.

Here's what happened: we picked up all our cabinets on Friday. Unfortunately, we still had the over-the-range cabinet listed as 24w x 30h in the plans, even though we already knew it had to be 30w because that's the smallest over-the-range microwave with vent you can get in stainless steal.

Thankfully, before it was put up on Saturday, I pointed out the fact that we had the wrong one. So up to IKEA I went to buy a 30w x 30h, which I did. While I was up there, Rick and Jim tried to call me to tell me another cabinet was missing the hardware. I didn't get the call because my phone was dead.

So a couple of hours later, when I got home after hitting the grocery store for some lunch fixings, I get home with the cabinet only to learn no other cabinets were hung, either, thanks to the missing hardware. And before the new 30w x 30h can be hung up, we realize it is too long - the microwave would be practically sitting on top of the range.

Last night, Rick and I packed up Ian and headed to IKEA to buy the 30w x 24h and get the missing hardware, which we did. And while we were waiting to pick it up, we decided to go upstairs for a little dinner. While we were eating dinner, we decided we'd go look around the kitchen department again and start jotting down accessories we might want.

As we were looking around, we decided to check out some of their kitchen displays again, which is when we realized we actually needed a 30w x 15h, otherwise, the microwave would still be too low. So we rushed downstairs, picked up our purchase and immediately took it over to the returns/exchange desk to get the right one.

We were there until 9:30 (they close at 9), but we left with the cabinet. And now that I see it up there, I wonder if it's too small...


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