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Thursday, January 31, 2008

To Do? Try TaDa

My husband, Rick, is always looking out for me, trying to help me feel less stressed and more organized. So he did some research for me to find a free time sheet application I could use to keep track of my freelance work (more on this in another entry).

It made me think: if this kind of program is available, I bet something exists for online list making. Sure enough, Google "online to do lists" and millions of links pop up. Lazy as I am, I only did minimal research on two. Ta Da List and Remember the Milk.

I've been using Ta Da pretty exclusively because it's so darned easy. So far, I've created 11 lists all in one convenient location. Normally, I'd have at least as many lists scattered about with entries scribbled all over the place. And really, I probably have at least 10 more lists to enter into this account. But for now, it's a good start. I still don't consult the lists ( I have to keep updating the date on my 'to do today no matter what!' list). But I always know where to find the info if I'm looking for it.

From the minimal messing around I did on Remember the Milk, I think this application is probably more useful on a broader level because you can tag items by due date, calendars can be utilized and it seems more customizable on a cursory glance. I haven't had time to explore it more indepth like I want, but it's on my to do list.


  • At 8:45 AM, Blogger Cara said…

    That sounds cool. I used to use Cozi a lot. You can make multiple lists (to-do and grocery) and keep track of schedules and dates on the calendar. The cool thing is you can access the list/calendar from multiple computers. So if you have a grocery list, you can add to it from work or from home. And you can have the list texted to your cell phone or to another person's cell phone. Or if your at the store and forget what you needed, you can call up Cozi and have it texted to you. It's pretty cool. And it's free.

    However, one drawl back is the program isn't for Macs. But if you're on a Mac, you can access the online program.


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