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Friday, May 02, 2008

Three-and-a-Half Years in the Making

We finally did it. After years of toying with the idea and months of attempting to plan, we have recently begun an in-depth kitchen remodel. Even more in-depth than originally anticipated, but that will come in future posts.

Since this is as "taking the house by storm" as it gets, I want to document the whole experience. That requires a walk back in time since I continue to be remiss in documenting my pursuit of domestic bliss and the accompanying trials and tribulations. It's on my list and part of my Cinco de Mayo resolutions. So keep your fingers crossed and the tequila coming.

We moved into our house back in September of 2004. It was built in 1920 - my husband, Rick, has a theory that it was a Sears house. Without further investigation, that romantic notion has yet to be proven, but it's a possibility.

Overall, the house displays the usual annoying traits old homes possess. Pretty much every floorboard creeks, the windows aren't very efficient (and neither is our caulking - we have yet to do it), we have a shortage of restrooms, the walls are plaster and slat, and it feels like there's almost no insulation at all in here as evidenced by our chilly home interior during winter despite high utility bills.

By the same token, it also possesses all the positive qualities: solid foundation, quality construction, charming window frames, artistic woodwork, spacious rooms and lots of personality. It even boasts a fair amount of closet space, which is uncharacteristic of older homes, so it was a great choice for our starter home.

As much as the neighbors liked to tell us what a handyman the previous owner was, as time passes, we become increasingly unimpressed with his work. Our term of endearment for him is The Half-Asses Handyman. Most projects he undertook here were not done well. Let's just say we've run into many frustrations with quality issues and he set the bar fairly low for us to follow in his footsteps.

We know we can do better than him, right?

Anyway, this project began on April 26.Here's what our kitchen looked like before we started the demo. Run down cabinets, useless soffets that waste space and block sunlight, a dishwasher that still works in spite of the odds, lusterless linoleum and ugly wall paneling. But it's all gone now. Can't say I'm sorry to see it go.


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