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Monday, October 26, 2009

My Sink Is Officially Shiny

After about 5 hours in the works (including about a 2 hour hiatus for an exercise class and lunch), my sink is officially shiny, the first order of business for a person who's making the commitment to join the Fly Lady in a quest for cleanliness, order and peace of mind. So I guess this makes me an official FlyBaby (someone who aspires to be as awesomely clean and organized as the Fly Lady herself).

Please follow the link above for more detailed instructions, but basically, shining your sink entails filling up one side at a time with hot water (which seemed like a collosal waste of water, but you supposedly only need to do this once), adding a cup of bleach (don't pour it in while the sink is filling up like I did; the closer the water level gets to the rim, the more splashing occurs) and letting it sit for an hour.

Fly Lady says you can use tongs to get the stopper out – did not come close to working for me – or manually remove some of the water so you can stick your gloved hand in to pull the plug. Once the water is drained, rinse well. If you have a stainless steel sink like mine, she recommends scrubbing it down with a scouring pad, then rinsing well.

Everybody then uses Ajax or Comet or something similar to clean out the sink next. From my own personal experience, I'd suggest finishing the bleach portion of the exercise on both sides before moving to the next step on either side. Trust me on this.

After the scouring, rinse thoroughly. Be sure to clean other areas of the sink at this time, too, like the faucet, around the basin, etc. Once all that's rinsed off, spray the tub(s) of your sink with Windex or some similar glass cleaner to shine it up. I'm the type that needs super explicit instructions at every step of the way, which aren't always available, so I imagine it's okay to spray it on top of the water that's leftover from the rinsing (though I'd really love to know for sure, Fly Lady).

The final step is drying your sink out, which you're also supposed to do every time you use your sink. You're supposed to keep a clean dishtowel handy every day for this express purpose. Seems kind of silly, but it sure does look nice. I hope I keep it up because I could see how this one simple thing could help keep you motivated throughout the house.

According to the Fly Lady, you should shine your sink every night before you go to bed as part of your nighttime routine. As I mentioned earlier, you don't need to do the whole fill the sink with water and bleach, scour, scrub, etc. My impression is you just spray it with windex and dry it after you've gotten all your dish washing and drying done. That way, a shiny clean sink greets you in the morning and gets your day off to a good start. What I'm not sure of is whether or not you wipe the window cleaner off with the same towel you dry the water with. Details, people, I need 'em.

Anyway, by looking at my before and after pix, you have to admit, it is quite the dramatic effect. The real test will be to see if we can (all) keep it that way.


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