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Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's A Two-Peat

Holy cow, I can't believe it myself, but I've actually made dinner two nights in a row with new recipes involving ingredients I had on hand. Crazy.

Last night, I made Hudson's Baked Tilapia with Dill Sauce, homemade 'Rice-A-Roni' and canned peas. My husband, Rick, bought some tilapia a few weeks ago that he said he'd figure out how to make since I don't really care for tilapia. I'm more of a catfish girl - a southern thing, I know.

Suffice it to say, the fish wasn't going to cook itself, so I did a basic search on allrecipes and there it was. I actually had a lemon that needed to be used anyway and I just substituted dry dill for the fresh stuff. Very good and pretty good for you to boot.

Tonight I whipped up Tonkatsu-Asian Style Pork Chops. I found this on allrecipes as well. You gotta love the ingredient search – I typed in 'pork chops' and 'panko', two ingredients I wanted to use, and found this recipe.

(If you haven't used panko (Japanese bread crumbs) before, you should give them a try. I had some left over in the pantry from making a chicken Parmesan recipe I got while taking at class at The Party Source.)

From reading the reviews, I learned it was missing tonkatsu sauce (funny, since it's in the recipe name, but who am I to question) – apparently a must have for making these chops. So I found one at Recipe Zaar that got high marks. (I split the recipe in half, but it was still way too much for our purposes.)

About 4 minutes before the chops were going to be done, Rick asked me what we were having with it. Oops. I had some corn (a disconnect, I know) heating up in the microwave, but it kind of slipped my mind to make some sort of rice since I was caught up in making the sauce. So I quickly boiled some Ramen noodles from my Avian Bird Flu stash.

And voilá – an Asian-themed dinner.

The chops were crunchy, juicy and tasty. Rick and I ate all four of them tonight - so much for leftovers. The tonkatsu sauce was good, albeit a little reminiscent of A-1 sauce, not one of my favorite condiments, and it gave much-needed flavor to the noodles. All we needed were some fortune cookies. Maybe next time...

All in all, two great nights of relatively healthy, easy to assemble homemade meals. Let's see if I can keep up the good work.


  • At 6:20 PM, Blogger divaqueen said…

    Rock on girl! Those recipes sound pretty adventurous! I made chili on Monday with a recipe from allrecipes that I embellished. I was very pleased with the outcome & so was Andy! We finished that last of it off last night w/some pasta...YUMMY!


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