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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is Just 3 Days Away

In case you didn't know. And in case you're worse off than I am (is that even possible? I haven't bought one gift for my adorable 18 month old son) and have yet to send out those Christmas cards, there's still time. Thanks to Sam's Club.

Yes, I can hardly believe I'm saying it myself, Wal*Mart hater that I am. (Can't help it - they are totally crushing mom and pop stores out of existence as well as some other big box stores, and what ever happened to Sam Walton's promise of made in America anyway? But I digress...)

Sam's Club can print you up some adorable photo-centric cards in about an hour - dirt cheap. We ordered ours last weekend. Didn't get them out until Thursday, but that's only because Sam's can't get your address list together. But you can still buy holiday stamps there...

We ordered 150 cards featuring our little man and it was just $34.50, plus tax, envelopes included. If I'd have known that, I may have gotten cards out last year. (Instead, I let my middle sister, Kathy, lay a huge guilt trip on me for not doing cards my baby's first Christmas...which she even revisited this year when she was asking if I had gotten any out yet...but that's another therapy session.)

As luck would have it, the machine jammed up in the middle of our order, so we wound up with about 200 cards, which worked in our favor since, as it turned out, we really needed about 180 cards (ridiculous, I know, and we even cut a few out). Sweet!

So if you're further behind the 8-ball then us, go to Sam's tomorrow*. Setting up the cards is easy on their computers - just bring the photo(s) you want on a jump drive and follow the easy instructions on the computers they have there. Send your cards to print, do some shopping, and swing back by to pick them up. If you get the cards in the mail by lunch, they just might make it in time.

* you can order the cards online if you want, but we found there were more options in-store.