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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

If You Want Something Done...

Forget "right". There are just a gazallion things around this house that need doing one way or another. Here's an example: After over a year of waiting for my dear husband, Rick, to put the hardware back on our windows, I finally finished the last one tonight – at which time it occurred to me that anyone could have come in through it at any time. Not a great feeling.

I also finally cleaned paint off the windows the a fore to mentioned husband also was going to take care of. It kind of made me laugh to find out that, after all this time, the biggest splotches were actually dry wall mud which wiped off fairly easily; I had been holding out for more Goof Off, which I finally picked up last week.

Speaking of Goof Off, I found its warning label a little unsettling: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Nice, eh? There were more, but I won't get into them. I will say that if you're a huffer, I'd avoid experimenting with this one.

I've used this, I guess you'd call it, poison before but must not have read the label because I don't think I would have loved it so much I'd want to bring this highly dangerous substance into my home again. On the other hand, when using it tonight, I didn't wear gloves at first, which is asinine considering we have two ginormous boxes from Sam's Club down in our basement thanks to my Dad's warnings during the Avian Flu scare of 2007, I believe it was.

But enough doom and gloom. Back to how totally awesome I am.

As I sit here typing this, still a little heady from the Goof Off fumes (should have opened the doors) and a little stinky from lack of a shower thus far (though it is still on tonight's agenda), my sink is shiny. My front porch is also pretty swank, thanks to following Fly Lady's mission for today. I even cleaned our porch light glass of bugs.

Plus, I finally threw away the grout bag Rick left laying (or is it lying?) in our landscaping, which made me sad because it was so awesome and also because I'll have to buy another one for the couple of grout lines that were missed in our kitchen remodel (a year ago – I can't begin to tell you how long my To Do list is).

Additionally, I cleaned out a cooler full of slimy water, ruined condiments and various beverages that someone, eh hem, left out on the porch for like the third time in a row. You owe me, sweetheart.

All in all, I had a full, productive day. I'm beat. So I guess I'll go grab that shower and wait for my canonization.


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