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Friday, May 27, 2011

Watermelon Mint Ice Cream

I just love watermelon and I love buying a whole one, especially when they're out in abundance at my local warehouse store. Unfortunately, though, the Rickster and I can't eat it fast enough before it gets all clear. So this go round, I got creative and made some Watermelon Mint Ice Cream (as well as Watermelon Mojitos) to use it up.

Watermelon and mint – two of my favorite things – come together in this refreshing, unique recipe. I love the fact that the cream used in this recipe is naturally infused with mint - to smell it was heavenly; I'll definitely use that technique for future mint ice creams. And because I believe chocolate makes everything better, I added in some mini morsels toward the end. Next time I'll use full-sized chips. Yum.

But don't do like I did and use half and half in order to save a few calories; it was a little icy. Next time, I'll definitely go with the full on cream. Also, I think I overfilled my machine. The next day when I was making the leftover mix, that batch was much creamier. So check your machine before pouring it in. And enjoy!