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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Don't, I repeat DO NOT, Buy OXO Pop Containers

I am so pissed right now I can hardly see. Once I tell you why, you may think I'm over-reacting, but I'm okay with that.

Over the course of the past several months, I have purchased a large selection of OXO's fairly new and extremely pricey airtight POP containers that "make it easy to keep your dry food fresh and your kitchen organized". As a matter of fact, upon taking inventory, I've spent approximately $230, not including tax, using a combination of Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons and some Kohl's store credit to buy all the ones currently in my pantry.

That's a lot of cabbage for some storage containers but I figured if they really do keep the food fresh and help me organize my pantry without having a bunch of boxes and unstructured bags fighting for real estate, it may be worth it.

I even encouraged my brother to purchase the 11-piece starter set which costs $99.99. FOR PLASTIC CONTAINERS! But I digress...

My point to you is: don't spend the money. While they do seem to keep our dry goods fresh longer than just rolling down a bag, I've had two of them break. One fell on the counter and I was able to exchange it at Bed, Bath & Beyond because it was fairly new and I still had the receipt and packaging. Another one simply fell off the other one it was stack on in my pantry onto the same shelf.

But I don't have a receipt so I figured I'd call OXO to take advantage of their satisfaction guarantee, which states: We guarantee everything we make! If for any reason you are not satisfied with an OXO product, return it for replacement or refund. Please contact OXO´s customer service department and we will be happy to assist you.

When I told Martha, the customer service rep I was lucky enough to get, what happened, she informed me that the satisfaction guarantee did not cover this particular situation. Excuse me?

These containers are on average $17 a piece. They are meant to be used every day. Yet they are unable to sustain the short 6" fall from atop one another? Are you serious?

Yes, she was. But she was willing to give me (and this part really stuck in my craw) 25% off on the shipping (yes, shipping) of a replacement. Fuck you, Martha. I asked her if I could instead return all the other 14 non-cracked containers I had for a refund. One would think at this point, Martha would have said, "Wait a minute. Let me see what I can do." Instead, she said I could, as a one-time courtesy as if I'd ever buy another thing from OXO. Don't do me any favors, sweetheart.

I wish I had refreshed my memory on the exact verbiage of satisfaction guarantee before I had called or I definitely would have fought harder/asked for her supervisor, etc. I mean, "for any reason" still means any reason, right?

Once I calm down, I may just write a letter to the prez about it and explain to him how big of a customer they'll be losing because they'd rather me send all the pieces back than replace one. But I may just send them all back. If they're that poorly made, who needs 'em.