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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fool Proof Sweet Tea

For whatever reason, whenever I've made sweet tea in the past, it has sucked. My mom has told me several times how she makes it (which I enjoy - she includes lemon, a must for me), but I've never recreated it successfully. Plus, I've bought those gigantic family sized tea bags, thinking one of those was two of the other ones and that has never worked out just right.

On New Year's Day, we had my dear husband's family over for a belated Christmas celebration - we spent the actual holiday with my folks. My step-father-in-law likes his sweet tea, so I wanted to make some he wouldn't have to choke down just to be polite. Found this recipe for Smooth Sweet Tea on All Recipes and it was mighty tasty. Not sure if it's because of the recommended pinch of baking soda that supposedly prevents a bitter taste (my tea was definitely not bitter) or because, thanks to reviewer Heather, I used one family sized bag for every three tea bags called for.

Either way, it was a big hit. And while it doesn't call for lemon (I don't think the in-laws would approve), I was able to squeeze some in my own glass for the perfect mix. Next time, I might cut down on the sugar a bit, but really, just dandy as is.