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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Resolution to Add to the Pile

So I'm in my allrecipes.com account, trying to put my hands on a Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe I wanted to make for our party this past weekend when I realized I had 497 recipes in my account, scant few of which I've actually ever tried.

Yes, it's just another manifestation of my deep-seeded clutter instinct. Regardless, I thought to myself: forget the Julia/Julia Project (congrats to Julie Powell; apparently, they've made a movie out of it). Forget A Year of CrockPotting. Forget the Cupcake Project. I'm going to undertake the Allrecipes.com Project and either start making some of these recipes or get rid of them.

My first recipe since making this decision: the Grilled Apple and Swiss Cheese Sandwich, which isn't really the best example of a recipe, but it's a start, dammit.

It was good. I wound up making it twice to use up the ingredients I purchased for it. The first time I made it with French bread, thinking it would grill up nicely. Unfortunately, French is not the best bread to use because it really dried out, plus I cut it too thick.

Today I made it with some multi-grain sandwich bread (sorry, no pix). Tasty, but I kind of burned it. Both times, I finished it off in a 350° oven because I like my cheese really melty. So even though this sandwich didn't turn out perfectly either time, through no fault of its own, I'd recommend it because it's a great flavor combination.

* note: if you do put your skillet in the oven and are smart enough to use a potholder to get it out, don't forget to apply that same brainpower to using it again should you decide to move said skillet once out of the oven. Sadly, I did not, but my reflexes were such my burn is minor.


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