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Thursday, October 29, 2009

CHAOS Central

So I mentioned the fact that I just started following FlyLady.net to try and help me get a handle on the condition of my home. I'm an admitted victim of CHAOS, her term for Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome. It is so true and I was reminded of it again today when I unexpectedly dropped in on my friend, Sylvia.

She had no idea Ian and I were stopping by because her phone went right to voice mail and that red blinking light didn't pique her interest enough to listen to the message. A normal person probably wouldn't have just charged on over there anyway, but I felt pretty sure she'd be home.

What astounded me when we get there, though, was how clean her house was – and she's recovering from 2 knee replacement surgeries.

She's not the only person I know who keeps a house like this. I just have no idea in the world how she/they does/do it. They may as well be speaking another language that's how foreign the whole concept is to me.

That isn't to say I don't aspire to be like that, I just have no idea how. Hopefully, that will all soon change.

To demonstrate how I'm the polar opposite of Sylvia and others like her, I'll relay this story from last week. It was my turn to host the monthly Girls' Night and I was serving pumpkin soup, meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I made the soup the day before (good thing, because it took me 3 hours just to get the meat out of the pumpkins) and really felt like I was cleaning as I went the day of when making the other items. And really, it doesn't sound like I was making all that much.

But when my friends started to arrive, my kitchen was a complete and total disaster. I should have taken a picture of it...

I could tell my friend, Suzi, was having a hard time wrapping her head around how it even got that way. She was just dying to figure out a way to get it all under control. I felt bad for her, and me. Why am I like this? What can I do to change it? Here's hoping the answers come quickly because I am seriously getting overwhelmed and stressed out by the way things currently are.


  • At 7:15 AM, Blogger Tela said…


    First, I'm starting to get offended by all these parties you have that I'm not invited to--your birthday, girl's night. I've must've made a really bad impression at the Cabi party. (I'm totally kidding--well, about the being offended part. Maybe I did make a bad impression.)

    Second, I'm an admitted CHAOS person, too. I'm also a REALLY bad housekeeper. If anyone dropped by ever unexpectedly, I'd be mortified and try to block them from coming into my house, probably. It's stressing me out, too, but there is no way I can do that FLY thing. Instead, I just try to straighten up one room a night in addition to the kitchen, if I manage to stay up after I put O to bed. Otherwise the CHAOS creeps up. But I try not to worry about it too much. No one stops by much anyway (I also don't get invited out much...) :)


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