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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Small Victories

I could have sworn that I started this list earlier in the week so that by the time Sunday rolled around, I wouldn’t be sitting here, feeling inadequate because I really don’t have that much good to talk about. *sigh*

Baby steps, though, right?

• Changed our sheets. You wouldn’t think this would be a big deal, but I’m about 2 weeks overdue. Gross, I know, but true.

• Put our new warming blanket on the bed, though after reading the directions, I think it’s on upside down. That’s what I got for correcting my husband, who actually helped me put the bed back together.

• Washed and dried all our towels with help from the Rickster. He is having a very stellar week.

• Actually put afore to mentioned towels away in the linen closet; this usually takes weeks to occur

• Vacuumed part of our bedroom (remember, they’re small victories)

• Finished getting all the hanging clothes out of my closet that don’t fit me anymore

• Started ironing through the giant pile on the spare bed

• Finally got our holiday card together (Christmas turned to New Year’s turned to Valentine’s Day). However, before I can get too excited, Rick just proofed it and pointed out a typo to me. Whether it becomes a St. Patty’s Day card, I ask one of my artsy-pals to help me turn it into an e-mailable thing or I just scrap it remains to be seen. My glass is half full…

Guess that’s it for now. Maybe I’ll have more to report next week since it sounds like the ice storm cometh and maybe I’ll have time to finish more of what I started. Hope you guys had a productive week.


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