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Thursday, June 05, 2008

What the Suck was I Thinking?

One of the daily emails I get is from iVillage – it's their "Things We Love" segment. Generally speaking, they feature a lot of products I am interested in and wouldn't mind buying, but mostly they are very expensive.

That's why I was excited about their write up on Pickle Sickles. They were only $19.95 – including shipping – for a box of 20, and I could mix-n-match to try both their regular and spicy flavors. Seemed like a deal to me.

That is, until I got them. Not sure why, but I thought they were frozen pickles. In reality, they are like Fla-Vor-Ice, but with pickle juice. Now I like pickle juice. I like vinegar. I've even been known to drink malt vinegar straight. I'm weird like that. I figured I'd like these pops. So far, I've only tried the spicy version, but I'm here to tell you that try as I might, I couldn't finish the whole thing. It was too salty and, well, yucky. For a few minutes there, I thought I might hurl.

I wanted to like them, I really did. Rick thought I was nuts. He may have been right. But at $1 a piece, for all intents and purposes, I feel like I should suck it up. Or maybe pawn them off on someone else. Any takers?


  • At 7:56 PM, Blogger divaqueen said…

    I'm sorry dear, I have to agree with Rick that you are nuts...about the pickle Flav-o-Ice! Love ya!


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